Grilled Polish Sausage Burrito (Quick Family Recipe)

6:00 AM

This was a family recipe from when I was a teenager. I would make this as a quick dinner or snack after school. Its was perfect for if you were on the run and oh so Yummy! Now I make it for my kids every once in a while, and its a big hit at our house. With just four ingredients its quick and simple to make and full of flavors!

Grilled Polish Sausage Burrito

Burrito Size Tortillas
Package of Polish Sausages
Cheddar Cheese Slices or Shredded Cheese
Honey Mustard

1. In a large frying pan grill the polish sausages first till it has nice grill/fry marks on all sides.
2. Place polish sausage and cheese slices in middle of tortilla. Add a strip of honey mustard the length of the sausage. Now you can roll it all up burrito style.
3. In the same frying pan grill the polish sausages on medium with a lid on. Grill both sides of burrito till well toasted. 

Tip: You can grill more than one of these burritos at a time, as long as they all fit in your frying pan side to side and you can put the lid on. You can also freeze these for later. 




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