DIY Duck Tape Sled

10:33 AM

Make your own snow sled from some cardboard and duck tape. It works like a champ and your kids will love making their own sleds!

I like that with this you can really customize it depending on the size of your cardboard. We wanted a large one so that we could use it for two people if we wanted to or even letdown on it to slide down. There really is no wrong way to make your sled.

Make sure your layers of duck tape are overlapping a little bit so no posture will get in. Also make sure all your seams and edges are covered and pressed down so your sled will last longer. 

Once both sides of your sled are tapped up you are ready to go. This little project took us about twenty minutes and no money because we had extra tape lying around and tons of boxes from Christmas we needed to get rid of. 

Our sled lasted the whole time we were sledding, which was about an hour. The next time we went sledding we had to add a few pieces of tape where there was some wear and tear but that took like two seconds and it held up the entire time we went sledding the second time. 

Duck tape is really slick so it was perfect to go sledding on. I went down a few times on this baby with my toddler on my lap and it was a blast and we went pretty far as well.

 Sledding is the perfect winter activity for a busy family and it doesn't have to cost a thing if you just get a little creative. It actually made it a lot more fun using something we made ourselves. 


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