Chalkboard Wood Ornaments (Easy DIY)

4:35 PM

Our Giving Tree

In 1929 the house we now have the privilege to call home was built. And in fact the entire area around our home and neighborhood used to be known as Hall’s Hill named after the Hall family that built this home almost a hundred years ago. This past summer we sadly had to cut down one of the very old trees that have stood over our home since its beginning. We like to try and imagine all of the memories that have gone on under those branches all those years, and all those families it has shaded on hot summer days. Now that tree, even though it had to be cut down, has become our very own giving tree as our furnace again went out just a few weeks ago leaving us in the cold for four days while we were waiting for the repair man to come fix our furnace. The wood from that tree went on to be used in our fireplace and was our only source of heat during those days. We felt so blessed and never more grateful to have a home with a beautiful open fireplace and lots of wood to keep us going all winter if we had to. Thank goodness we are all nice and toasty warm now with our furnace back to tip top shape.

So for Christmas we thought it would be very fitting if we made one more use out of this old tree by making ornaments out of its branches. Our whole family worked hard to put these ornaments together including our lovely helpful boys. Which might explain why some of the ornaments are a little extra special. ;)

With much love this Christmas we will be giving our loved ones a little piece of our home and a little piece or our hearts as well.


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