Simple Bird Themed Cake

2:06 AM

Special occasion cakes need to be... well kind of special. But Im not a cake decorator in any shape or form so that is why I try to keep things as simple as possible while still making it "special". 

I came up with this sweet little birdy cake for my baby girls first birthday and it was a hit. Plus no need for yucky fondant for this cake. 

Simple Bird Cake Decorating

For The Decorations You Need:
Wooden Skewers For The Birds
Chocolate Frosting In A Tube
Chocolate Sprinkles
Mini Eggs

1. Make and frost your favorite cake for the occasion. Then you want to first start with making your little nest. To do that just squeeze out round circles with the chocolate fronting in a tube to form the nest. 
TIP: No need to fill in the middle because your chocolate eggs will cover the bottom. 

2. Now simply shake the chocolate sprinkles over the nest to add texture like twigs and such. Now the nest are ready for you to add your eggs.  

3. When adding the birds to the top, glue two bird shapes together with the wood skewer in the middle. That way it has a little more support on the stick, plus it looks nicer. Also try staggering the birds on your cake to make it more visually interesting. 

You can use my bird printable here for the cake or just try to wing it on your own. I find it easier to have a template or outline to work with. 

To check out more fun things we did with this sweet bird themed birthday check out the birthday post here. And please share your pics on my Facebook page. I love seeing what you guys are creating. 


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