Simple Bird Themed Birthday (Baby Girls Turns One)

8:00 AM

This secret to doing a birthday just right is keeping it simple, cheap and still making it feel extra special. This little cutie is only one years old and going all out and crazy on her birthday would not only wear mommy out but be to much for her as well. There are simple things you can do to make your toddlers special day amazing and memorable without going overboard. Thats part of why having a bird themed birthday is just perfect for a one year old. 

We started this little sweet girls day off with filling her crib with big yellow balloons. Then off to breakfast under a heaven of paper birds. Next, birthday photo-shoot of course! After a really good nap we were off to the Tracy Aviary for a fun filled afternoon with some feathered friends. Then we ending her special day back at home with some close friends and family and some very yummy pizza and a bird themed lemon poke cake. 

I kept the decorations cheap by printing out some different colored bird shapes and hanging them on the ceiling along with two paper bird houses I found at the dollar store. Then I put up some streamers for her to crawl under and through. 

She just loved coming into the dinging room and seeing all the little birds hanging from the ceiling on her special day. She stared at them the whole time while she ate her breakfast. 

Below is a FREE simple bird shapes printable. 
Just print it on different colored paper to add an extra fun touch.  

I like to keep birthday cakes simple, quick and cute. Anyone can make this bird themed cake with just a few little touches. To get the full Bird Themed Cake tutorial just click here

And of course she needed her own little high chair birthday banner right?! High chair birthday banners are a fun way to glam up those super cute birthday cake eating pictures. 

You can get this bird themed "ONE" banner right here just click on this link

We were at the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City for almost three hours and she just loved every minute of it! Normally nothing keeps her attention that long. If you don't have a bird sanctuary near you try just your local duck pond. It will do the trick as well. 


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