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2:59 PM

My husband has an overnight job where he needs to pack a whole bunch of stuff to get him through the long night and he really needed something that could carry his very heavy and large computer and organize all the little millions of things he need to cary. Thats why I just had to check out this Unique Laptop backpack by NokHoo Design and Im so glad I did.

This laptop backpack is so well made I have no doubt this is going to be lasting our family a long time. This is probably going to be passed down a lot. My husband and I both love this bag and have always had a hard time finding a computer bag that was big enough for his humongous laptop and this NokHoo fits just right.

And one of my favorite things is all the little details and designs. There was a lot of thought put into these bags.

These NokHoo laptop backpacks are made out of outstanding quality material and its cute too! I really like that the buckles and other fastening devices were all made out of real metal not painted plastic to look metal. Everything just screams quality.

I only wish I had this bag in college.

I completely recommend this laptop bag to anyone, and they come in more styles and colors that I know you will love. I don't know how many backpacks we have gone through because they were poorly made. I wish we had invested in backpacks like these. There is nothing I could find wrong with this backpack. It's just great.

A big thank you to NokHoo Designs for letting us review this unique laptop backpack. I don't review anything I don't like and My reviews are completely of my own opinion and have not been interfered with in any shape or form.


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