Building Blocks Of Art

1:46 AM

Wedgits are not your average building blocks set its ART! 

These stacking squares are geniously engineered to keep my active boys thinking and creating for hours. We just love these! 

Instead of just trying to replicate things like you do with other building blocks this Wedgits imagination Set challenges you to think outside of the box and come up with an artistic way to create shapes and designs. 

What you end up with is something along the lines of a fun sculpture or even a work of art. 

Another great feature of these Wedgits is that all the pieces are non-Chocking for babies so you don't have to worry about these laying around with little ones. Plus we were all really impressed with the quality and ingenuity of these building blocks. The grown ups couldn't help but get in on the square doughnut action.

We also loved that you can keep on building on to your Wedgit collection with additional different wedgit imagination sets. Very Cool! 

Below is a fun video my cute family put together. We made a fun game out of these Wedgits called wedgit gestures. Hope you check it out! 


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