The Mothers I Was Not Born To.

6:00 AM

I lost my mother when I was just 16. She was my only parent.  And while the pain of that loss still follows me even now, my heart and thoughts turn to all the mothers whom I have gained since then. My life is full of wonderful mothers who love me unconditionally and who have encouraged me and inspired me along my way. 

There is the Mother who had already fourteen kids and still found enough love left over for me. She checked on me almost daily after I lost my mother and always gave me permission to feel what I needed to feel. The mother I eventually came to live with my senior year and the mother who over fifteen years later still comes to visit me and my children.  She has traveled out of state many times to be there for me when my children were born and for other big family events.

There is the mother that I have the privilege to call my mother-in-law who always gives so much and never ask anything in return. The mother that makes the best grandma to my children because she make them each feel so special and loved.  My children do not fall short in the grandma department. That is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. She is also the mother who raised my loving  husband and gave him the foundation to be the husband and father he is today.

There is the mother of my mother-in-law and great grandmother to my children. The mother who is such a wonderful example of hard work and cheerfulness. She is always so positive and I have never heard her say a mean thing about anyone. She is always looking for the good and always up for a new adventure. My husband hopes to take her sky diving one day when he finally gets up the courage.

There are the mothers who are actually my Aunts. Three of them in particular on my mom’s side. Their love for my mom is their greatest gift to me.  As the years steal clarity from the precious memories I have of my mother I take joy and comfort in listening to old stories of my mom that my aunts tell and bathe in the love they had for her. With open arms and open hearts I know I can always go to any one of them for anything.  

And last but not least there are the mothers that don’t even know they are mothering me and filling in bits of holes that desperately need being filled. When you no longer have your own mother on this earth to care about all the little things you do, a simple hello from another woman can mean so much. When another woman takes a little extra effort on my behalf or shows me any measure of kindness or attention it means more than she will ever know.

We are all mothers weather we know it or not. We can mother others with the love and kindness we show to them. You never know just how hungry someone is for a little motherly love in their life, for someone to care, for someone to ask how they are doing and actually want to know the answer, or for someone to simply remember your name.


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  1. Thank you for such a beautiful post! Happy Mothers Day to everyone!

  2. Wow.....very inspirational. :-)


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