DIY Eclectic Kitchen Counter (Our first wood working project)

10:22 AM

You just have to learn to be handy in a house that is almost a hundred years old. Sometimes I think this house is falling apart faster than we can put it back together. We have to remind ourselves constantly why we love this place. This is our latest project to fix one of the many quirks and problems this old gem is giving us. 

At the end of our counter there is a huge blank space that we needed to figure out how to utilize to our best advantage. The previous owners had a portable dishwasher there but we only used the space to set our garbage can. Our pets would get into it constantly. So we came up with this design to not only add much needed counter space but give our garbage can a little home that isn't as easily accessible to the cats. Plus I like that its a little tucked away and is not the first thing you see when you walk in the back door. 

This is an easy project that anyone can do. The only tools we used was a chop saw and a drill. We had a lot of wood lying around so the only money we spent was on the screws and wood stain. We just measured everything out on a paper and started chopping things up. This only took us beginners about five hours plus paint drying time on this project. 

As you can see we just built this in our garage. Any beginner can do a project like this. 

Next project: Benches. :)


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