New Missionary Blog Design

4:13 PM

I just opened up a new shop section specifically for missionary blog designs. I believe blogs and other social media have become a great resource and tool for sharing the gospel and inspiring others. I love designing and creating custom blogs and I would love to help encourage other missionary parents to share their missionary's stories via blogging. The world and internet could always use more uplifting stories and I would love to be more apart of that. 

This is my most recent LDS missionary blog design and I was inspired by all the lovely colors and tropical plants that Florida is known for. I wanted to create a look and feel that captured the beauty and adventure of the Florida Tampa Mission. I just love how this turned out! This is the second missionary blog I have designed for this client and it was a privilege to design for her again. Congrats on her new missionary and may the next two years go by quickly and that her missionary returns back to her safe and sound. 


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