A Two Week Dinner Menu You Can Actually Stick To (FREE Printable)

11:49 AM

We like to keep meal planning as simple as possible at our house and I needed to create 
a menu planner to help us do that.

My husband and I have been planning out our weekly meals for years now because we noticed it saved us not only money but time and frustrations. But there is one key difference from the way we do it ... We don't assign days to each meal. We just plan out 14 dinners. We do this because we noticed even when we had a meal planned for each specific day sometimes we skipped around depending on our mood or how hectic the day went.  We try to make at least half of the dinners super quick and easy meals and the other half meals that need a little extra time spent on them. We also don't plan out breakfast and lunch because we usually don't spend lunch together and breakfast is usually the same five different options unless it's a special occasion.

You will also notice on this Two Week Meal Planner that there is a section for something extra special. This is where I put a dessert or something I would like to make during the two weeks that we don't usually have like cookies, a cake, or some other yummy treat. I've also made a space where you can write down where to find the recipe you are going to make. There have been so many times we wrote down a new dinner we wanted to try and couldn't remember where to locate the recipe. I did not include a grocery list because we just write that down online paper to take to the store. This meal planner is up on our kitchen wall for easy access and adding a grocery list would make it less accessible.

So there you go. Meal planning doesn't have to be labor intensive and a hassle. Try to keep it as simple as possible and you will see so many benefits from eating better, not spending as much on eating out, and it's nice to be able to just scroll down a list of meals you already have all the ingredients to and just pick which one you want to make that night.

Just click on the image above to go to google docs and access this printable.

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