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To avoid too much video game time with my kids I have my kids "earn time".  It used to be that I would bargain with them to do extra chores or extra reading for a certain amount of video game time on the weekends now I have a much better system. 

This Video Game Punch Card is a great way to keep track of how much time they earn over the course of the week and if they fill one of these cards up by friday night they can turn it in for two hours of video game time on their favorite device. 

Not only do I give them punches for extra chores (not including their bedrooms which is a required chore) I give them punches for reading extra long than required by their homework. And I also give them punches for good deeds they do as a way to say thank you. 

My kids will ask if they can earn punches for video game time and I will either ask them what they want to do to earn time or I will already have something I need them to do and we will negotiate the amount of punches it is worth. Small chores are usually just one or two and bigger chores are three. Good deeds are usually just one. They are also aloud to fill up more than one punch card during the week if they want to. 

Once they trade in their filled up card for the two hours I either sign it or tear it up and throw it away so it can't be used again. And before they can play their two hours of video game they have to make sure their room is cleaned first. I also tell them that it is their responsibility to keep track of their cards and if they loose them they will not be replaced. They will have to start all over with a new card. Its a great way for them to be more responsible and in control. 

We have been doing this punch card system for three weeks now since I designed these and it is working out awesome! This is definitely a keeper and really is working out great for both us parents and the kids. You of course, can come up with your own rules that fit your family. 

To print or download these Free Video Game Punch Cards you can just click on the image above or this link to the google doc. file. 


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