Personalized Little Girl Reading Print "Woodland Reading"

7:00 AM

There are a lot of things as a mother I wish I had stronger skills in but I am a true believer in sticking to what you are good at and embracing it. I happen to love designing and creating. So when My first daughter was born nine months ago I wanted to do something special for her so I illustrated this fun print for her and to go in her new nursery. I have had so much fun putting together her room and adding little personal touches all over. 

I wanted her room to have a fresh fun feel that was both girly but had not a stitch of pink anywhere. So I went with a whole lot of Coral. Lol! Its as close to pink as I'll get. I wanted some trendy tribal touches along with a few woodland pieces. I didn't want her room overly themed because then anything that was in her room that didn't match would look too out of place. 

This print inspires reading, adventure, and the outdoors for our smart little girls. I wanted something that would incorporate these beautiful colors of coral, mint, yellow and blue teal but I also thought it would be fun for the sweet little girl to be visited by some curious woodland fiends. I modeled the bare feet after my own sweet baby daughter and at the last minute the day before I took it to the printers I added the orange morning glories climbing up the log for an extra girly effect.

I just loved how this illustration turned out and thought it would be neat to offer this print to other little girls and to make it available to personalize as well. You can pick from five different options of hair and skin color and for an extra fee I can even change the clothes color. 


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