DIY Chalkboard Picture Wall Display

7:00 AM

My boys and I wanted to make something nice for their wonderful grandparents this past Christmas, however, they are so hard to shop for. They are young grandparents that work hard and are independent and rarely need for anything except loves from their grand babies. 

I love this project because its a nice project that my boys can be apart of and that their grandparents can actually use and not some junky craft.  In fact when we got done with this I wanted one for our own home. 

Because Its a chalkboard display you don't have to just use photos.  You can change it up for all different kinds of occasions. This is great for displaying Christmas cards, Birthday Cards, kids artwork, good grades and so much more. One of my favorite places to get photo cards is Shutterfly. There are tons unique photo cards over in Shutterfly for just about any occasion.

This is an inexpensive gift and shouldn't cost you any more that $15 max. I got most of my supplies at Hobby Lobby for a great bargain. 

Long wood board
Chalkboard Paint & paintbrush
Wide Ribbon
Metal Clips (I found mine in the scrapbook section)
Gorilla Glue
Hot Glue/Hot Glue Gun (for the ribbon)

This is all really as easy as it looks. And here is a tip with the chalkboard paint. Not all chalkboard paint is applied the same way. You can even get chalkboard paint in a spray paint. We let our board dry overnight just to be on the safe side. 

Then the next day we gorilla glued the clips on and hot glued on the Ribbon. Be sure to read the gorilla glue instructions because its very specific on how to apply it the right way. I recommend using gorilla glue for the clips because they are metal and I wanted to not have to worry about them coming off all the time like they would if I used hot glue. 

I love reading all your comments and would also love to see how your own Chalkboard Picture Wall Display turns out so please send me links so I can check them out and share them. 

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