Loving My Body Post Third Baby

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My body is so different then it was the first time I had a baby ten years ago when I was in my early twenties compared to what it was this last time with baby number three. In my last trimester there where times I couldn't even walk I was in so much pain from all the pressure on my pelvis and my joints being too loose. It seems that over the course of these pregnancies I have become less and less mobile and the pain has become more and more intense. Within 24 hours after having my little sweetie pie I already felt better and more mobile than I had in six months. I remember the first time I went on a walk after I was pregnant and how much I was in awe of how far I could walk and how tired and good it felt at the same time. And when I went on my first bike ride in over a year I had this incredible moment where I just fell in love with the power of my body. I thought to myself "look what I can do with this body! This body (stretch marks, flabby skin, fat rolls and all) is so amazing!"

This body that has been put through so much (especially in the last year) and it keeps on going! There was this point during this last pregnancy where I thought to myself that I've totally ruined this body, its never going to work the same again. There's no coming back from this, I can't even get up the stairs to make myself a sandwich... time for another nap.

I have a new found respect for my body that Ive never had before. And because of this I want to treat it better and help it be healthier and stronger so I can enjoy it longer. Part of that means doing something active everyday, getting to a healthier weight, reduce sugar intake, do at least one super fun thing a day that I love and start shaving my legs more often now that I can reach them. Oh and download lots of fun apps that will help encourage my new goals.

Right now Im not really ambitious about getting back to pre-baby weight but I do know its important for me to be tracking my weight especially because I found out this last year that I have one of those body types that when I gain weight I gain fat around my organs which is super dangerous. I am also at risk for developing diabetes because I had gestational diabetes with one of my kids. So weight loss isn't just about looking hotter in my jeans it's really important for my over all health. So right now in my first steps I am focusing on getting stronger, trying out new activities, being accountable for my weight and reducing my sugar, and making healthier food choices.


Being successful at loving my post baby body means making life style choices at an easy pace and making it fun and enjoyable. Don't like working out? Instead explore activities you love and just do them more often. Hate dieting? Make a list of all the healthier food options you love and buy them more often and have them ready instead of the junk food. Also for us moms out there; something that really worked for me was having my family eat the same stuff I was eating. Find lots of yummy healthy recipes and snacks the whole family loves. No one has time to make two dinners.

And last but not least, if you don't feel like you have time to track your weight and progress not only is there an app for that lol, but there is a scale for that!!! Check out my new handy dandy Weight Gurus scale...

This sucker sends my progress (or lack of progress) strait to my smart phone with a quick snap of an app! After I step on the scale it pulls up my weight then it flashes a bar code that my smart phone reads. No more writing down numbers, memorizing or punching in digits. It's so easy! I love it!

When its all said and done getting healthy is great and all but it's important to remember the number on the scale means very little if you don't love yourself and you don't cherish your body. We only have one and it does incredible stuff for us everyday and we've got to give it a little love back. I know as moms we can get caught up in the medias distorted views of beauty and a lot of times we don't feel beautiful especially after a long day with the kids and we are still in our pajamas. And sometimes after having a baby, or three, we look at our battle wounds of stretch marks and think I'll never be the same. Thank god we will never be the same, isn't that the point? I look at where my amazing body has been, and is coming back from! My body is a warrior and these are the marks and traits that tell of it's amazing journey. When it comes to body positivity, being the change I want to see in the world starts with me showing a little more love to myself.


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