Scrappy Fox Doll And Matching Baby Quilt

6:00 AM

I recently made my first quilt, and it was a baby quilt for my new baby daughter. It was also one of my first sewing projects I ever did outside of home-ec over 15 years ago.  

I loved making it so much I decided I just had to make a matching fox doll to go with it! 

I was inspired by this super cute fox doll by Blue Robin Cottage...

Unfortunately she doesn't have a pattern or a tutorial so I was on my own. Thank goodness I have good friends who know how to sew and who loves me enough help me with project like this. From concept to finish my friend and I made this in one night with only one sewing machine. 

We basically just sketched the entire fox doll project out on paper, cut it out and used it for our template. This is a very simple project, great for beginners like me. 

The hardest part had to be the skirt and sewing with the elastic band for me. My friend sewed the eyes and nose on with black yarn. This fox doll didn't cost me a cent. Everything we used was left over scraps and things around the house. Even the stuffing is from an old pillow. I added some fun accessories later, the necklace and hair clip. The really fun thing is about this is that I can make this fox lots of different skirts and accessories to change out. I also love that my daughter will have something special like this to play with for years to come. 


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