My first quilt (Tribal Baby Quilt Without a pattern)

2:46 AM

I am not a sew-er. Ten years ago I bought a sewing machine, thinking I should start up a new productive hobby since I was now a mom. Needless to say It didn't take. However, this time when I found out last fall I was having my first girl something strange happened to me. I wanted to try my hand at sewing again. You see, I am a super creative person and I love to customize everything... everything! And as I was shopping for my little girl to be, I found my mind stirring with ideas. From outfits that would be cuter if they were a different color or pattern up to really wanting to make my daughter a beautiful quilt just for her that wasn't too pink or too traditional. But to get the style and colors I wanted for my daughter I was going to have to dust off my sewing machine that was ten years old and still looked new... dusty-new that is. I also had to get help. A lot of help. 

This is the quilt from Craftin Mechanic that inspired me...

We had to do ours a bit different from hers because we didn't want to deal with cutting up so many triangles and wanted to make it easier on ourselves. I had a close friend who came up with the design and made me sew everything under her strict supervision. Needless to say, while learning to sew I was also learning to pick as well. I leaned that picking sucks. 

Below are some pictures of our process. This really can be an easy quilt with no need to buy a pattern. 

With our two sides of fabric facing each other. We just counted squares. Eight long, three wide.

Then we used a strait edge to go from the corner to two squares over. And that is the angle we cut on. 

After we cut out our pieces, we had to put it together in strips like this... There was a lot of ironing and pinning to make sure we got it spot on. 

For those seamstresses out there I apologize for my severe lack of sewing terms and knowledge. This is quilting through my beginner's eyes and I had a blast regardless if we did this properly or not. It turned out fantastic and I can't wait for my next quilt!


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  1. I love it! You can do anything you set your mind to, and I'm always impressed by that. Glad you had fun making it. Sewing with friends is always more fun. There is an easier way to do that quilt, but you'd waste some fabric so it would've cost more. Doesn't matter anyway 'cause you got your quilt :o)

    1. Hey Felicia!!! There is no way I would have even attempted this without my sweet friends. Lol! I learned so much but at the same time Ive already forgot so much. So I will be having to enlist their help in the future.


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