It's My Birthday!!!

7:00 AM

I'm big on birthdays! When someone tells me about a bad birthday they have had my heart just breaks for them. No one should have a bad birthday. NO ONE! I think birthdays are so important to celebrate and its important to celebrate each and every one of them. It's the one day in a whole year where we celebrate that person being born and how happy we are about it. Nothing makes someone feel more special and loved than having a good birthday. When I was a kid we never had extra money but somehow my mom always made our birthday a blast from sun up to sun down they were epic and so full of love. 

 Even though Im turning 31 I still get so excited for my birthday and I hope I always do. Thats not to say that Ive not had my share of disappointing birthdays where Ive ended up alone and sad, Ive had those as well. But Ive also leaned to take a lot of my special day in my own hands and share it with as many loved ones as possible. That being said... I hate birthday parties for myself. Id rather do some big activity or adventure than do the whole cake a presents thing. I hate opening present in front of people. Yuck! My husband on the other hand loves birthday parties and so do my kids and I love giving them to them. 

So far for my birthdays Ive gone white water river rafting, river tubing, ropes course, and hiked into a cave. This year we are taking it a bit more mellow. I did just have a baby. I am going to pamper myself and get my hair done then the hubby and I are off to see an amazing play and a fancy Brazilian dinner afterwards, while my sweet sister watches the kids. One of these years I'm totally going hot air ballooning or hang gliding though! 


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