DIY Double Row Coat Hooks

9:00 AM

This old craftsman home of mine needs a lot of work everywhere! I call this project dream house and this is one of our latest installments to get this old bucket up to snuff. 

I had this corner by the front door that was just not doing anything. I didn't want to just hang up another picture. We desperately need a nice feature here and one that would add to the charm of the home as well as serve a purpose. Coat hooks were the perfect thing for this drab corner. 

I wanted to do a double row to not only utilize the space more but because this is perfect for little hands that can't reach high enough for the top hooks. We used four coat hooks and five drawer knobs on the bottom. The two by four adds drama and extra security to the wall. 

Project dream house is well underway!


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  1. Replies
    1. thanks so much. We have two boys and one baby girl so the lower hooks were a must.

  2. Adult & children levels luv it :)

    1. Thanks! I think the two levels really utilizes and fill in the space. Plus the more storage the better!


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