Tribal Painted Tree Swing (Easy DIY for under $20)

8:00 AM

This is one of the best twenty buck DIY project I ever invested in, in years with my two rowdy boys! I am now a huge advocate for tree swings if you have children and a good sturdy tree branch to go with it. They spend "hours" on this baby now everyday. And it's been about a month since we put this up and they are still loving it! My boys have made up all these super fun swing styles named after jungle things like The Tarzan, The Monsoon, and The Monkey. It's so fun to watch them come up with this stuff. 

Anyways, these are so easy to make. We bought our circular piece of wood pre cut and sanded at The home depot for less than $10, same with the twenty feet of rope we got as well. We didn't spend anything on paint because we just used what we had, which was black and white. 

To put this together my husband used a wide drill bit for the hole in the middle. We then painted it up and then hung it on a sturdy branch! In all this only took us about three hours to make plus letting the paint dry overnight.


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  1. How Fun!! Looks like a great summer activity! Just found you and am hoping to connect with other Mormon bloggers!! Following! :-)


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