XO Valentine's Paper Garland Craft

12:00 PM

I know that some people think Valentine's is just a commercial holiday or that it sucks if your single, but I think its just lovely that we have a holiday where we celebrate something as beautiful as love. Why not! Think of all the other stuff we celebrate... why not LOVE! Its such a great idea and a wonderful way to help to remember to spread a little extra love around!

Well here is a fun little paper craft I did with two of the loves of my life. We had a blast cutting out these X's and O's and glittering up the hearts. Some "O's" were a bit tricky, but made a fun addition to our fireplace mantle

 Its easier if you have some x's and o's to just cut out instead of free handing it. Take it from me. Lol! So here are some x's and o's for you to print out to make it easier.


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  1. I love it! Cute idea! I love how the internet is just full of lovely people sharing their talents and ideas.


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