Pizza Buffet Family Night

12:09 PM

Lets talk pizza! 
Pizza buffet family night takes dinner into a whole new fun level. Its dinner and an activity in one!  Plus my picky kids and husband love making up their own pizza just the way they like it. I can't help but cringe a little when I see my kids adding pepperoni and pineapple (its just wrong) but on pizza buffet night anything goes. This pizza buffet night was such a hit with my family I did it again for a girls night I had later on that week and it was a lot of fun as well. Its hard cooking for a bunch of women with all kinds of taste. You cant please all of them at once and I think this is what makes this fun dinner idea so great. No stress just fun. 

Here are five personal pizza's you have got to try:

With my pizza buffet night I put out marinara sauce and Alfredo sauce plus all the usual trimmings. Trying out different sauces makes this dinner even that more creative. 

What I think really made our pizzas great was the pre made pizza crust dough I used from Pillsbury. Ive used other brands in the past and this one just turned out so great and soft. Plus the middle wasn't gooey like so many others Ive used. And Ive even tried some brands dough that left a strange after taste that just ruined the rest of the pizza for me. Having this dough on hand made everything so much quicker. 

Whats your families favorite pizza?


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