Girlish Whimsy (Baby girl room design)

8:22 AM

I must be nesting or something even though Ive still got 14 weeks left until this beautiful baby girl of mine is due but my mind is constantly drifting to how Im going to decorate my daughters room. I wanted to stay away from an actual theme and focus more on a style and colors. Because I feel like if you go with too much of a theme it limits the room too much and as she grows and gets interested in different things the room will not fit as well together. I really wanted her room to have a touch of woodland mixed with vintage and modern elements and NO PINK. Pink has been so overused with baby girls and I have never been a fan even when I was a little girl. But I love peach and coral witch is a cousin to pink, so I guess Im just silly that way. 

The crate, silver log, ultra sound art, chalkboard door, artwork, and dresser are all on my DIY list. I look forward to sharing that with you guys in the future. They are going to be fun to make. 

The rest can be bought a various places like amazon, etsy and overstock. You can find links to these on my Baby Love Stuff pintrest board. 

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