Birthday Boys

7:30 AM

Ive been having a lot of those moments lately where I am just suddenly overcome with gratitude and love for my little family my husband and I have created. A few weeks ago my husband and I both came down with a knock down drag out stomach bug for about 48 hours. We were practically bed ridden on all Saturday and mostly Sunday. Parents are not allowed to be sick at the same time, right? Its against nature, especially with two boys full of energy all weekend. When my husband and I were conscious and not in the bathroom we were so stressed out about who was going to take care of the kids and then we would go and check on them to see if they were still alive because it was so quite and our seven and eight year olds would be magically playing nicely with legos together having a good time and trying to stay quiet so mom and dad would feel better soon (never happens). The entire weekend had not one incident or fight! Can you believe it?!  And my husband and I managed to find the strength to feed them a few times as well. Lol! 

Well January means birthdays at our house. Our boys are a whopping 12 months and three weeks apart. Thats right ladies... I had a three month old new baby that I was trying to figure out how to mother and god said... "This is fun, lets see what she can do with two!" 

Even though it was a rough couple of years at first, it has been so neat that these two have each other. I am so grateful for them both. They both bring their own personality and fun to the family. My now nine year old is tender and thoughtful, and my as-of-today eight year old is fun and easy going. And I am so excited to add a little girl to the mix in May and know they are going to be the best big brothers a girl could wish for. She is one lucky little lady and I know I am one lucky mom!

Happy Birthday to my sweet pumpkin pies!


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