2013 Christmas Shenanigans

3:20 PM

One thing I don't recommend is buying a fixer-upper/dream house right before Christmas. This is where we spent the Christmas season.

With not a stitch of christmas to be seen in either of our residences, I broke one night while painting up our new house and added some much needed christmas decorations to our kitchen cupboards... there, thats better!

And if that wasn't enough a week before christmas with no Christmas tree in sight and three day until move in day.... I broke again and ran out to the shed and pulled out one of my boys mini trees and put it up in the living room of the house we were to move out of. My husband came home and laughed then said "We are supposed to be packing not un-packing!" 

Just a few more days until Christmas and we can finally decorate our new home for Christmas. Whoot! Whoot! 
We picked up our kids from school and went straight over to the tree lot down the road. (This is our some-people-shouldn't-have-children moment of the year. ) Did I mention we took out the seats in the van so we could fit the tree inside and our children with it? Hold on kids! 

And here is awesome hubby bringing in the much to big tree all by himself so my pregnant self can sit back and take fun pictures. Lol!

Yeah! Christmas decorating complete with no time to spare! 

So what if its crooked and the star kept slipping off!  

And we even did a little bit of the outside as well! Superstars! 

Not only did we spend a month fixing up a bunch of stuff in our new house, move in days before christmas, decorate for christmas while still unpacking... but we still had time to play! 

This is a picture of my two sons and their uncles and this is called the spider technique for all you serious snow sledders out there. It's the ultimate team racing maneuver. You're welcome. 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may this year be everything you've dreamed. 


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