Gender Reveal (Im having a girl!!!)

11:25 PM

Our two boys have been wanting a baby sister ever since the neighbor boys next door got one a year and a half ago. Lol! Just like when they got the new lego wii game they had to have one as well. And my husband has been more baby hungry over the years than I ever have. So when we found out we were going to have another its been baby girl fever in our house ever since. 

On the way to the gender reveal ultra sound we had a good talk with our boys seven and eight. We were worried that if we found out we were having a boy they would be very disappointed and we wanted to make sure they knew that being blessed with any baby is a miracle and a time to celebrate. We told them that if it's a boy it's going to be really fun too and all babies are equally snug-able and wonderful to love on and that heavenly father has given us a very special gift. Then my seven year old said "So what your saying is... if we have a boys its great... but if we have a girls its even more great, right?" Lol! Okay that is probably more true to what I was honestly thinking but Dad and I simultaneously and quickly replied "No, no, no, no! They are both great!" I think they were confused and just dropped it at that. 

One of the neatest things about having older kids is that they are so involved in this pregnancy and I love getting to share with them special moments like taking them to see their first ultra sound and to see their sibling move about and get to answer all of their questions. "I see her head!" "Is that her arm?" 

Being surrounded by my husband and two boys when the ultra sound technician announced it was a girl brought me to tears. There was so much love in that room and I am just so grateful for my beautiful family to share this life and these moments with. I am one lucky lady!


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  1. Oh wow! Congratulations!! I had two boys first, and my daughter has been such a blessing. My boys were 6 and 4 when she was born. The 6 year old asked if we could put her back because he wanted another brother...haha.

  2. Congratulations!!!


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