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9:46 PM

We just bought our dream house! Woot! Woot! This is the kind of house I would imagine myself living in when I was a little girl. Growing up we never owned our own home and I spent most of my childhood living in small apartments. I would set goals like "One day I want to plant a fruit tree in my own back yard." or "I want a big Christmas tree window perfect for displaying my 10 foot tree in December". I have been a very house oriented girl for a long time.  But not only do I get to give my kids the cozy craftsman house Ive always dream for myself and family but this place already comes with fruit trees on its lovely 1/2 acre lot and whats even cooler... we are putting in a Christmas tree window!

But now that my dream is a reality the reality is... in order to get an amazing dream house like this in a price that we can afford, the dream house came in the condition like this...

Dream house not so dreamy anymore is it?! We can just go back to looking at the outside if this is to much for you to look at because frankly its a little to much for me to look at, at times. There are moments like when we found out we have to get an entirely new roof when Im like WHAT HAVE WE DONE, WE CANT DO THIS! Thank goodness that there are more moments when Im like "This is going to be great!" "This is a great investment." "We just bought our dream house!"

There is not one room that doesn't need a little something-somthing done to it, some more than others, so stay tuned as we go room by room and fix it up all pretty. 


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  1. But just think, little by little, you will make it your own...your true dream home. Congrats on your new to you house!

  2. I would be doing flips if I could own this wonderful home....just visualize how this house will be when you are finished putting your love and hard work into it! :)


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