Feeling Pretty At Any Size

12:17 PM

This is my beautiful older sister Marie! She is one of the most hardworking people I know. During the day she is a CNA busy working side by side and assisting the disabled at a laundry mat where they work so they can have employment. After a full days work she heads over to night classes until 10:30pm working to get her associates degree in office management so that one day she can open her own care facility for the Elderly with the kind of quality care they deserve and has been lacking at so many places she has previously worked at.

I have never met anyone who cares about other people as much as she does. She is truly a care taker, heart and soul. It takes a very special person to do what she does and I am so grateful for her kind. Thats why it makes me so upset that she has had such a hard life. And a lot of it is due to her little-more-to-love size. She has always struggled with her weight and you can just imagine what it was like for her in high school and how cruel kids can be. And it's only been until recently that more stores have been providing more options size wise. 

Over the years as we have grown up together and have left our high school days far behind us I have had the privilege to see my sister blossom and come to love herself more and more each day for who she is inside and out. I'm so grateful for programs and campaigns that encourage us to love ourselves and our bodies just the way they are. And while its important to be healthy we can't beat ourselves up just because we come in different sizes than the Photoshopped models on TV. And that's also why having fun photo shoots like this with my sister are just that much more sweet, seeing her feeling so pretty in her new dress and letting that shine. 

Thank you to eShakti whom provided this beautiful custom dress featured in the photos. My sister and I are huge fans of their dresses and clothing and love that they make dresses for any size big or small, short or tall. They even have lots of sleeve, necklines, and hemline options to add on to the dresses as well. I personally have three eshakti dresses and they are my favorite things in my wardrobe. There are always so many unique dresses, tops, and skirts to choose from and their fun styles are always changing. Plus eShakti prices are amazing especially for custom dresses! 

Right now you can get a $25 coupon for buying your first dress plus they are having a sale for 25% off their entire store! 

Here are three of my top favorites right now. Drool....


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  1. SOOOO pretty! I know some readers get annoyed with sponsored posts but I really enjoy it because times like this when I wouldn't have ever heard of the company otherwise!


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