Celebrating Turning The Big 30!

8:00 AM

Today I am 30. 
Because my birthday is so far in the school year I am one of the last ones to turn thirty in my graduating class of 2001. I probably really needed to see everyone else turn thirty before me just to make sure that it wasn't as painful as I have imagined it to be all my life. They all seem to be coping with it just fine so there is hope for me yet. There is something about thirty that validates you as a full fledged adult and life has a definite serious undertone to it that wasn't there before. Your twenties was all about discovering yourself and your thirties is when your supposed to now have things in motion and have some establishment. The funny thing is, is that I feel younger now than I did even when I was in my early twenties. Seven years ago right after I had my two boys I felt like I was thirty but that is probably because I was exhausted all the time with a new born and a one year old. Ive gotten my second wind these last two years and have a new since of adventure with my beautiful family that I never had before. Im so excited about showing them the world and experiencing it with them. Motherhood has defiantly sparked a new kind of sense of wonder. 

So I guess there is a large part of me that loves being thirty. I love how much more self excepting I am now and how Im more comfortable to be the real me than ever before with all my silliness and quirks. I also love not feeling so crazy and confused all the time like in my twenties. Ive been around long enough to have a better since of what I want and have the ability to put things in perspective a lot more. I also love the fact that we have stable jobs and can do things like have nice vacations and buy the groceries we want instead of what we can get by on with fifty bucks or less. I think every stage is beautiful in its own way and if we can try and embrace the process we will be able to make the most of this aging business for the amazing design that it is. 

So here is to embracing being born in 1983... 

30 is going to rock!!!


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  1. Yep, the thirties are wonderful! People actually take you more seriously and you also still have the energy to do big things but in a more mature way! Happy 30th!


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