Map My State -Unique Word Art Prints

6:36 PM

Both of my brothers recently went on LDS missions to Seattle Washington and Tacoma Washington and I thought these prints from Map My State would make perfect gifts for them this coming christmas. They are so hard to shop for. I just love the use of typography in these bold prints and that they come in multiple colors options. These prints would even make great gift for weddings or even for just your own family. 

I also like that they don't just print states but they have major cities and countries to. They even personalize!

And if their prints weren't cool enough on their own they also do mugs!

Map My State is also generously giving you EMI readers your very own exclusive discount code so you can get your hands on these Unique personalized prints as well. 

Get 20% off your purchase when you use the code: EVERYDAYMOM
(use by  Saturday, August 3rd 2013)


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