iguy to the rescue on a sick day

2:33 PM

I am almost 99% sure I've had pneumonia for the last three weeks or according to web MD it could possibly be tumors. Also there is a slim possibility that I only have a chest cold and web MD brings out my psychosomatic side. Either way I only get about a day or two grace period until it is time for mom to just suck it up and get back to work. So what happens when mom is sick and the kids get sick too? Im not to proud to say it but TV is what happens... lots and lots of TV... and ice cream.  And my new ipad could not have come more in handy than these last few weeks. Because of this handy contraption iGuy (iPad cases) I wasn't afraid to let my wiggly/sickly six year old play around with my new ipad. It was so nice I could dose off with my little inflicted companion next to me in bed while he kept busy watching cartoons on netflix and playing educational game. (Its so weird that when little kids get sick it doesn't look the same as when grown ups get sick. ) The great thing about the iGuy is that its drop tested approved plus it has these really cute little arms that double and perfect hand holders for little hands for a better grip. This cute little iguy can also stand up on his own as well. Ive already had a few of my friends ask me where I got the iGuy cover.

Somehow my son got better after about two days and Im still hacking up a lung in the mornings. But it was just Me, my little guy, and iGuy for two days strait. We really got to know each other and become friends. Now I just have to convince my son to stop faking sick so he can have more sick days in bed with mom and iGuy. 

If you would like an iGuy for yourself... Good news... we are going to have a giveaway soon so keep an eye out for it and stop by and enter to win!

So stay well... but if the cold season get you to, may you have a wonderful TV day with lots of ice cream!


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