FREE Chevron Easter Bunny Banner (printable PDF)

11:47 PM

I am definitely feeling the Spring Fever. Don't get me wrong I love the beautiful winter snow as well but I am definitely a sunny day kind of girl and when easter starts to approach and the spring decorations go up I start feeling like "PROJECT TIME". There is just something about spring that make me want to be productive like no other. Ive gotten very busy designing and making all sorts of easter decorations and treats and here is just one of the many Easter printables. 

After I designed the flags I just printed them out on my ink jet. To string them together I used some twine string, but you can use anything from ribbon, yarn, or even thin rope. These are best printed on card stock but they will do just fine on regular printing paper which I used. If you are having a hard time with the papers being to flimsy just use a little tape to secure them to the twine, it will help hold the papers straiter across. And this Chevron Easter Bunny Banner just turned out too cute not to share with my lovely EMI readers so here is the free PDF for you to print out your own. 

Let me know what you think of the banner, and I hope you have a lovely Easter!

Click here to go to for the free downloadable and printable Easter Banner.


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  1. This is so cute! You did such a good job.

  2. You have amazing stuff at this point.

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  3. Thank you! My girls and I made one today - this is fantastic... we'll feature it on our site late in the week!


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