Easter Carrot Treat Box (FREE Printable)

2:35 PM

I saw some super cute Carrot treat boxes on pintrest the other day but you had to make them out of scrapbook paper and who has time to go out looking for scrapbook paper plus they didnt have a tutorial to show you how to make these. So I've made these fun treat boxes even easier to make for you ladies. These could be great friends and neighbor gifts but I also think they would go great in those easter baskets as well. 

To get started Print this out on your home printer, card stock works best but I did mine on regular printer paper and it turned out fine. 

Carrot Treat Box Instructions:

clear tape

1. For the carrot part, cut out the orange patterned rectangle. Fold it into a tube like shape lengthwise. Use the clear tape down the side to create the tube. Be careful not to crease the paper, you are going to want it round.
2. Tape the bottom end shut with the clear tape. Leaving the top open to put candy in it. Put candy in it ;) Later the top end is going to be stapled shut on the opposite side you sealed the bottom so it will poof out. 
3. Cut up the green pattern rectangle into different length strips for the grassy top. Position the grassy top strips just inside the top of the carrot. Press both top sides of carrot together to make a sort of grassy top sandwich with the strips. Staple the three layers together to secure the grassy strips. 
4. Cut out the label circles and tape the smaller bunny circle onto the bigger yellow circle. Tape this on the front of the carrot to cover up staples. 

Please Share this Pinterest Version below with your friends and family. Thanks! 


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