Our Yellowstone Vacation

6:59 PM

About five years ago we decided that making amazing memories with our children was our top priority in the life that we wanted to build for ourselves and our children. So we decided that no matter what we would take our kids on vacation everyyear just us and our kids. Its just something we want for our family. No matter the budget big or small we would make the time to spend a week together doing somethign awesome. This year we decided to camp at Yellowstone National Park and see what all it has to offer. And we took it by storm. From double sunburns,boat cruises on yellostone lake, swimming near gysers to being brokedown at the Teeton Mountains... we had an amazing adventure. And here are just some of the amazing photos we took.

The best view to be stranded at, waiting for the tow truck.

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  1. Awesome! My husband and I have decided the same thing in regards to taking our kids places each year - when we have them of course ^^. I love Yellowstone and can't wait to take my husband there,

  2. Wonderful! We try to do that with our boys too. We figure that's what's gonna bond us as a family!


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