Launching My New Graphic Design Site

6:05 PM

If you have been wondering why my post here have gotten fewer and fewer these last few months, its because I have been working on my new graphic design portfolio website, called Pixel Dust Graphic Designs I have just launched the blog part of the whole business website project and am finishing up the other pages as we speak. I still have a few more things I would eventually like to add to this blog like a Facebook update gadget and a super cool profile button for the sidebar, but as for now. it looks fantastic and is ready to go.
So please head on over to Pixel Dust Blog and check it out! 


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  1. Congratulations on your new website/project! I love the header and the profile picture project you posted there :)

  2. Amazing! Congratulations on your new website too.

  3. Awesome site. Great job!!! You give me inspiration as I'm going into web design!!

  4. The new website looks great! There’s something about the play of light moving against dark that’s very attractive. What’s great about your website is that because you’ve been designing it, the website itself could serve as part of your portfolio for potential customers. When it comes to business websites, the sales pitch starts at the main page.


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