Italian Vegetable Medley

9:55 AM

With all those yummy vegetables coming in from the garden this recipe couldn't have better timing. This is a great healthy way to serve up zucchini that is full of bold flavors. This is one of those vegi dishes you won't be able to get enough of. Try'll like it ;)!

1TBS of Olive Oil
1TBS Parmesan Cheese
1/2 TBS Italian Seasoning
1/2 TBS Garlic Salt

2- Large Potatoes
2- Roma Tomatoes
1- Red Onion
2- Small Zucchini
2- Small Yellow Squash

-Slice all vegetables and put in large bowl. Mix vegetables, oil, seasonings and cheese in large bowl until vegetables are well coated.
-Spread vegetables mix on large baking sheet.
-Bake on 375 F. for 55 minutes. Enjoy!


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  1. That looks and sounds really yummy! Hows the weight loss coming?

  2. Looks amazing.I love salmon and garden veggies.


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