Life is Better in Sandals!

12:29 PM

 My husband is definitely a rainy-day kind of guy but I am for sure a summer time gal! When the weather starts turning warmer and the sun is more reluctant to go to bed I start feeling nostalgic and just plain good all over. I especially love the beginning of summer, so full of promise and there is no better time to try and get a tan than before the weather gets too hot. And then there are pedicures! Nothing says summer like sporting a new paint job in a great pair of sandals.

     Heaven would be a family picnic at a beach in Oregon with a fresh pedicure and a great book. Oh and there would probably be some great shoes involved in my heaven as well. You also can't do summer without some great sandals. Summer and sandals just go hand in hand. Even though I am a lover of all shoes I do have my go-to shoes and during the colder months its usually a comfy pair of sneakers. When the warmer weather comes around I am more than ready to ditch my favorite pair of run-around shoes for something more beach friendly, but the thing is, its hard to find cute sandals that are comfortable, stylish and great for running around in as well as going to the beach, the park, or any other summer destinations. Usually cute sandals lack in functionality and practicality. But great news... I am thrilled to say that I have finally found my perfect go-to summer shoes!

These shock absorption sandals from Hotter Shoes are FANTASTIC! I've had them for about three weeks now and I wear them everywhere, all day long! These would even be perfect if I went on a summer vacation and was walking around all day. Being able to have long lasting all day comfort and not having my feet getting over heated in the summer heat is another kind of heaven in its self! Usually you only get this kind of comfort from orthopedic sneakers that in the end leave your feet hot and sweaty. You can find these shoes at their online store, that just launched to the US. I would absolutely get shoes from this store again.  And next on the list are these babies...
just imagine... slingback heels you can where all day long!
yes, pleas!


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  1. Hi Julia! I haven't been around in ages,just busy IRL, is all. I popped in to copy previews of your freebie kits, and then I saw your awesome sandals! I just had to say these are just perfect:comfy but lovely. I'm off to check out their store now. :)


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