Rediscovering An Old Love

5:00 AM

      As a child I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do more on a warm day in summer than jumping on my shimmering aqua ten-speed bike and heading out through the town. I remember feeling independent and free. Even then it was an escape filled with liberating wonder. Sadly, people grow up and we loose sight of how much joy the simple things can bring into our lives. The memories, of simply taking a bike ride to take advantage of a beautiful day, finds itself in the category of days gone by. Rediscovering my love of biking after all these years has provided me with not only an outlet but an form of exercise that I love.
      Even though the suns hot rays are beating down on me, the momentum of my bike's speed carries the heat off my body by the wind I am creating. My senses are racing. The endorphins are dispersing up my legs as I pedal towards my destination. They overrun the tensions of the stresses of the day. At this same time smells speed on by, engulfing me for just a moment. Sometimes the scents come from nature and I just bask and try to soak in the season, others take me to a forgotten memory. I often find clarity in these moments. While my heart is racing as I push myself harder and harder, there is a moment of stillness inside of me. I feel so alive, strong, and in control.
       From pounding the pavement in long distance running to stroking it out with swimming I have found my exercise. I knew it was for me the moment I realized It didn’t feel like a workout. It felt like a gift I was giving myself. It felt like me-time. Its become a thirty minute mini vacation, a getaway of exploration, adventure and of finding myself. I guess I could say its like a road-trip in a convertible and I am the engine. I am the power.
       When I have returned home from my road-trip I wonder at how I ever went without this in my life. When was it I forgot about such simple pleasures? I am grateful for the reunion. This is no longer just an exercise, its become a friendship in where we edify each other. Now after all these years I have found myself, once again, waking up to a beautiful sunny day and thinking, “What a perfect day for a bike ride ”. 

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  1. I love your bike. I have a cruiser with a basket, too. It makes bike riding so much more enjoyable. My dream would be to take it to California and bike along the Pacific on the strand. Wouldn't that be lovely?

  2. I want a bike so bad, maybe next year at tax time I can get one! Yours is awesome!!

  3. And you live in one of the most perfect places EVER to have such a ride! What an awesome bike!


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