I Heart Coral!

11:23 PM

It's so great to see fashion catching up with me, lol! If you haven't noticed already, by the color of my blog, I love orange! And coral is basicly light orange. I am just loving all the different shades and tints of orange that I am seeing all over in the stores and in designs. I especally love my new cardigan in coral! Coral has to be the "it" color for spring and summer this year and I am having a blast finding diffrent ways to wear this light knitted cardigan.
This is my favorite combination I've put together so far:
I love all things nautical and I thought this was a fun and creative way to add a beachy feel to this outfit. I can see myself wearing this to Hawaii or the Caribean.  You can find this beautiful cardigan and other women cardigans at Fresh Produce clothes. They have tons of comfortable lookng styles for all shapes and sizes. The cardigan I got was a M/L and it has some beautiful detail on it with the knitting pattern. I also love the way it drapes and cascades a bit in the back.

What are your favorite summer colors and combos?

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  1. I love that hairstyle on your board. It is so cute! Too bad I chopped my hair. :(

    Any short sleeve, jeans and flip flops.


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