From Trash To Treasure, Mosaic Magazine Art

5:00 AM

Here is a fun, time-consuming, piece that I did for my design fundamentals class. The assignment was to make mosaic artwork with pieces from magazines. Somehow I thought the peacock would be easy but finding the right colors posed most of the problems. And then I kept getting glue all over the place. I kept getting a lot of glue on my fingers, so much so, that the squares wouldn't get off my fingers when I pressed them to the page. I had to keep washing my hands after every five or so squares. This project took me two very long evenings. I do have to give a lot of credit to my boys who tried to help me find the right colors in the magazines, even if they did get board and started cutting out pictures of stuff they wanted instead of colors for mommy. 

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  1. wow, it looks wonderful and well-worth the effort.

  2. Beautiful--and so full of contemplation and lessons! May I use your experience as a writing prompts?


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