What you've been up too (March 2912)

11:37 PM

I have to say that I am extra impressed with your guy's projects! And I just love how creative you all got. Sending me these links were so motivating. Its a lot of work to make these kits and tutorials and then turn around and give it all away for free so I can't tell you how easily I can get burned out or discouraged. But things like these keep me going. 

A big thank you to everyone who sent in their links or emailed me their projects and creations.
Keep em coming!

Scrap paper tree by Vera
(utilized scrap paper tree DIY tutorial)

Hybrid card by Jili's Paiges
(Paper Patterns created with EMI's Dwelling Kit)

Scrapbook page by Jessica
(page created with EMI's Fast And Fur-iest QP)
Birthday Card by Nutty's News 
(paper pattern created with EMI scrapbook kit)

Preschool NY Printable by Preschool Prinables
(EMI's city slicker kit)

Blog Design by Joy Transferred  
(Background created with EMI Sun and Citrus kit)

Blog Design by Alice
(Header and background created with EMI digi scrap kits)

Scrapbook Pages by Of Pinks and Fairy Tales

Digi scrap page by Madd Scrappin
(created with EMI kits)

Tinker Preschool Printable by Preschool Printalbes
(Created with EMI's Tinker digi scrap kit)

Digi Scrap page by Craftiliciously Good
(page created with EMI's Foodie Kit)

Sticker Label by Camille 
(made with EMI's Just My Type kit)

Church Flyer by Camille
(created with EMI's Foodie kit)

If you would like your projects (that you've made using any EMI stuff) featured on the next "What you've been up too" post email me link or photos of your creations to everydaymomideas at hotmail dot com. 


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