Space bags are magical

6:54 PM

I have actually never tried Space Bag products before until they contacted me and asked me to review their high capacity cube. Like a regular space bag wasn't cool enough now they've got this thing!

I actually had to open it back up after I sealed it to stuff more blankets and such inside because their was still more room to use after I sucked all the air out of it. I also have to say that I was a little worried about the fact that my hose nozzle didn't fit over or in the hole, but that didn't matter. I just had to press my vacuum attachment against the space bag hole and it did the rest of the work effortlessly. It was also surprisingly powerful. Plus even after having my stuff sealed all up for about a month my blankets came out looking great and taking back its shape. The cube make for easier storage and halved the space my blankets where taking up. I stuffed about 4 quilts in this plus had room to stuff in some lap blankets. Very cool. I totally recommend this quality product. 
Space Bag High Capacity Storage Totes combine Space Bag’s vacuum-seal technology with the functionality of a storage bin. The Tote features a canvas outer cover, handles, and a see-through window for easy identification of contents inside. 
If you're wondering how to put the bag to good use, check out some of these usage tips from the Space Savers community:

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