Down 20 Pounds - 8 week weight loss update

3:59 PM

This was hard for me to post these before pictures. And its sad to say that this is not even the heaviest I've been. I've actually have lost a total of 50lbs now from my heaviest weight. (I might be brave enough to show you some of those pictures some day.) I am feeling quite chipper today because I finally hit my 20 pound weight loss mark this week. And while I  have noticed a much stronger body and I had to buy a bunch of new pants... I didn't think I really looked different until I looked up my before pictures I took two months ago, to do this post and as I started putting the pictures side by side and equaling the scale of me in the photo I got the biggest grin on my face. I thought to myself "Im doing it!"  

I've still got 23 more lbs to go by July 18th and the weight is coming off slower and slower but Im excited to see where Im going to be. Thanks to Physical Fix Im not just loosing weight but I am getting fitter and stronger. I was actually this same weight last year but I was actually a whole pant size bigger. So I am a personal witness that muscle weights more than fat. Last time I weight this much last year I was so focused on just on the scale and sometimes I would only eat like 900 calories a day all week long. I grew weak and didn't have the strength to walk in the other rom let alone work out. Here I am eating more calories and working out five times as much and I feel great. I don't think I have ever had this much energy and endurance and I am not even at my half way mark. 

How Im doing it:
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, -30 minute online custom workout at
  • Tuesday, Thurday, Saturday, -30 minutes Stationary bike workout : 4minute warmup, 1 min of going the fastest I can, 2 minute cool down, repeat 1min fast, 2min slow, up until you get to 26 minutes and then cool down for the last 4 minutes. (you burn way more calories this way without getting too tired)
  • Sunday: FREE DAY! no working out, and I save my temptation foods for Sunday. Which helps me to stay strong throughout the week and save those treats and temptations for just one day. 
  • I write down my calories... all my calories! I've started just ripping of a piece a paper and keeping it with me. I was always loosing my food journal. I write down what I eat and its calories and stay under 1200 a day. I also try and get at least 25 grams of fiber everyday(to fend off blockage ;) and keep me fuller longer). 
  • Plan your meals a week to two weeks ahead. I know this sounds like a hassle but its actually the opoosite. Be mindful of the weeks events and plan more simple meals on the night when your really busy. 
  • As you experiment with new light and healthy recipes keep a list of all the ones you like the most  for a quick go to when planning your meals. 
  • Before going out to eat go online and find out what items on the menu fit within your calorie limit. And plan what you are going to eat at the restaurant before you even get there. Hint: Red lobster has tons of yummy options, and so does apple bee's. And for a quick bite to eat try Panda express, get the panda bowl and substitute the mix veggies for the rice and top off with Black pepper chicken or pepper corn shrimp... its so good. 

Remember 30 minutes isn't really a long time to dedicate to your health and fitness and as time goes by your healthier food options become a new kind of normal and you wont have to work so hard at it. If going to the gym is just not for you, I really recommend Physical fix. You can try it out for two weeks for FREE. Its a great way to get custom workouts just for you and your specific needs and not have to leave home to do it. To read more about my experience with Physical Fix you should check out this post here.

Im hoping to loose another 8 to 10 pounds by the end of this month so check back in a month and see how Im doing in my next weight loss post. I need all the support and encouragement I can get. 


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  1. congratulations!! The difference is huge, you look great! I really should take you as an example and get my act together...
    Good luck with the last lb's!

  2. Congratulations! You are SO doing it!Very inspirational!

  3. Good for you! Learning those new habits is a life time change. One slip up and it's easy to keep slipping up! (I know that one first hand).

    I lost a lot of weight once watching my carbs and sugars. I felt great and dropped weight. But temptation got the better of me. I need to try that one again. Along with my running, of course. Keep up the hard work!

  4. Congrats! keep it you look great

  5. Well done! You look fabulous! I love Biggest Loser, this week are you are the Biggest Loser Blogger! Congrats on meeting your milestone mark.

  6. Great work Julia, you look awesome! congratulations on your hard work and dedication. :) I'm trying to get back to exercising, even if it only means walking as much as I can. Will come in handy when we walk all over Kuala Lumpur in 2 weeks time. Need me to get you something from there? :)

  7. You are awesome! You look great!! You're inspiring me to get out of this stupid funk I'm in and get my butt moving. Thanks!

  8. Well, I didn't think the before pictures were what I expected when you said you'd lost 20...but you look really good now! Another!


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