Learning To Take Care Of Me, For Once

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It seems like this has been the year of self improvement for me. From going back to college after a decade, loosing 20lbs (and counting), and even getting my adult acne under control. Yep thats what I said... I am an adult and I wash my face twice a day and still struggle with acne. From the time I was 13 I have probably tried every face wash I could get my hands on at the store. I have even resorted to seeking help from my doctor and needing medication and harsh topical creams. I've never been a fan of taking medication that wasn't absolutely necessary so I quit the medication a few months after I started taking it. And while the topical cream seemed to work, after only using it for a week my skin would get so dried and red I would have to take a break from the topical cream every once in a while. Thats why I jumped at the chance and excepted the Skintactix Clear Skin ChallengeThey have specific skin solution for different kinds of skin types. I literally noticed a huge difference overnight. The spot treatment overnight cream literally shinks the zit to almost nothing by the morning. The combination of the three applications left my skin feeling clean, soft, clear and not over dried. I like it so much I plan on buying some as soon as my samples are gone.

Not thrilled with showing you guys this picture but with sacrifice dignity for  the sake of keeping it real. lol.
As so often many women and mothers end up facing... In the throws of motherhood, I forgot about myself. And while that sounds like not such a bad thing, it was. I thought that if I wasn't spending every waking moment of my life taking care of my family that I wasn't doing my duty or being grateful for my beautiful gift of motherhood and spouce. I had gotten to the point where taking a shower was guilt ridden. That is how far I had let myself go.  Slowly I had less to give and slowly I became depressed. It has taken years for me to finally be comfortable saying "Im worth it", " Im deserving". I am more than a mother and wife, and while that is an important part of who I am, that is not all of who I am. Making time for me was one of things I struggled with most when it came to motherhood. Just because I get my nails done once a month doesn't mean I love my kids any less or am any less devoted to them. Just because I make time to work out for 1/2 an hour each day doesn't mean family is still not a priority. In fact it mean the opposite. I want to be mentally, physically and spiritually healthy... for my family.  Spending a few minutes everyday to spruce up so I feel confident out in public and running errand with my family make a huge difference in not only me but my kids and husband. Being vain and worldly is not the same as taking care of yourself. And even taking care of our physical appearance can go a long ways. Weather its working out, primping, "getting acne under control" or taking some classes its important to take some time and care for yourself. If its one thing I've learned happyness its really about balance. If by miracle I have made time (even if its five minutes) for the important areas in my life in a day... that day is a beautiful day.


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  1. I'm so glad that you have discovered that you are worth the time. That is a hard concept to accept when kids are little and so demanding.

    One of my mom's bit of advice when I was leaving home was always shower and put your make up on. She said, there will always be someone prettier at my husbands work. I don't want him coming home to someone who doesn't care. At first, I was offended by her advice, but after I let it sink in...it made sense.

    Sometimes, eventually, if you don't care about yourself, then others might not either. You are beautiful, no worries there. Glad you are showering. ;)

  2. Oh you are so awesome! What a great post and I'm glad you are feeling good about taking moment for you! You totally deserve it!!!


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