Happy birthday to a very special six year old!

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Dear six year old on your birthday,
              You wouldn't know it based on your reaction but this year has been a big year for you. You have this incredible ability to adjust to the changes in your life so easlily. We made a big move this year  and within a day you had settled in like you had been living there your whole life. And you didn't even hesitate when starting a new school and church. Your favorite people remain to be grandma and your Uncle Donny. It really struck my heart hard when you cried after getting to talk to your uncle donny who is serving on a mission right now, because you missed him so much and wanted him to come home. You have a really become more tender hearted and thoughtful this year and I am constantly finding little notes and colored pictures on my pillow and night stand. What a wonderful surprise. 
         Some of the big things that you did this year was go to San francisco and The four corners colorado on two vacations, started reading chapter books at just five years old, and gave your first talk in church that you read all by yourself to the whole ward. You are so smart for your age and your teacher says you read almost two grades higher than what you are at. You make friends so easily and all the girls like you. You have really been into Pokemon this fall even though you have never watched an episode in your life. You watch "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" a lot this year and love Fly guy books. 
         You are celebrating your birthday this year with a Little Monster themed party and afterwards we are taking you (as requested) to Chucky cheese for dinner.  You've asked for Mc Donalds breakfast for your birthday breakfast, which we were thrilled about because that meant we don't have to get up to early to make you breakfast like all the other years. 
                  You are such a special strong child in so many ways. I know god made you that way for a reason. I think you are one of the most determined beings I have ever had the privilege to meet. I know that you will be a strong independent man someday and will be very successful in anything you put an effort into. My wish is for you to continue to grow and open your heart to those you meet. And that you will fill your life up with love and goodness. I love you so much and am so proud of the person you are growing into. I hope being six years old brings you security, love, and most importantly (to you)... adventure. Happy Birthday!


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  1. Happy birthday to the 6 year old :)

  2. Happy Birthday to the very special young man...you rock dude! :)


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