Happy Birthday To A Very Special Seven Year Old

5:00 AM

Dear seven year old on your birthday,
       Every year you become more and more your own person. You have become quite the philosopher and can express yourself and your ideas well beyond your age. I was so proud with how you handled your self when we made a big move this year to a town clear across the state and away from the only home you had ever known. You were sad to leave behind your friends but comforted yourself by telling yourself you were going to make new friends and it was going to be exciting to live somewhere else. You made some big mile stones this year when you learned how to ride your bike. I love that we can now ride our bikes around town together and its even easy for you to keep up. You also started to read chapter books recently and you teacher says your an above average reader for your age. I am also so impressed with how well you take care of your cat, Brookings. When he got ran over and we didn't know if the vet could fix him you were so brave and tried so hard to not cry and be strong. And when your cat came home after surgery you took very good care of him in his room making sure he was clean, fed, comfortable and safe from the dog. One of your favorite things you did this year was when we went to San Fransisco in this last spring. I think you were most impressed with Alcatraz and riding on the trolleys. 
     Some of the things you were really into this year was riding your bike, reading, legos, electric trains, Pokemon cards, the Lego video games for the wii, and dancing when you do your chores. 
      We are celebrating your birthday this year by you having a sleep over party with your new friends next door.  You want bacon, sausage, eggs, and chocolate milk for your birthday breakfast and pizza and ice cream from hogi yogi for dinner. 
        I have loved watching you grow and learn this year and can't believe how smart and fast you've grown. I hope that you continue with your love of learning and reading and that your love of arts and crafts continues to blossom as well. You have a real talent and artistic gift that I hope you take advantage of. May seven be a year of awe and wonderful you and be filled with many adventures. 


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  1. Happy Birthday! They grow so fast...

  2. Sending a late Happy birthday to the 7 year old :)

  3. What a great lo. Love how you used all those embellishments together.


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