Fashion Me Pretty! -My first outfit collage

3:48 PM

This is the first fashion collage I've ever put together and it was so fun getting to fashion together my favorite styles and colors and creating this outfit. This is totally me! I've been loving the pairing of yellow and grey lately. I also love things that are a little edgy and feminine at the same time. Like pairing grey skinny jeans with a shear light striped tee and a form flattering jacket. And aren't the shoes to die for?! Some women are into purses, and some into shoes, well I'm a Jacket kind of girl. I just can't seem to have enough jackets! They are so versatile and I just plain love em! Plus I live in frosty Utah so I guess its not such a bad thing to have a few extra jackets around since they are a major staple of my wardrobe. 

I recently had the opportunity to review the Sterling Citrine and Diamond Bracelet included in this collage and I must say... it is as lovely as it looks and was my beginning inspiration for the rest of the outfit. This product review was sponsored by Kranich's. They have amazing fine jewelry pieces like Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings  and designers like Simon G and so much more. 
My stunning bracelet can transfer over from casual office to date night with my husband and not only is it a high quality piece but I was most impressed with the very secure clasp. I usually don't where nice bracelets in fear that the bracelet will easily come loose but this one is great. Its almost like a double clasp for extra security so I'm comfortable wearing it just about anywhere. I just love it. 

What do you think of my first outfit collage?

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  1. Lovely! I really love that color combination.

  2. Great collage! I love gray and yellow together too. In fact I paired a grey and white striped shirt that had a yellow flower on it with a yellow sweater.

  3. where can i find those shoes?


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