"Where we love is home..." a Christmas present print.

10:19 PM

"Where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts." -Oliver Wendell Holms

I met my very best friend when I was nine years old in a very small town in Utah. I was fortunate to grow up with her and remain dear friends now twenty years later. Sadly enough, she moved to Florida six years ago for a fresh start and new opportunities. Somehow we have kept our friendship alive despite the mile between us and I can still tell her my deepest secrets and find the most loving comfort in our phone calls. 

She has a lot of friends and family here in Utah, and she is much loved and missed. When she comes for a visit it is like Micky Mouse just arrived at Disney land. You have to wait your turn to be graced with her presence because she is in such high demand here. And when she inevitable has to return to Florida and to the life she has created for herself, its as if someone has shot my puppy... every time. And I know it is equally hard for her. And she too wishes Florida and Utah could somehow combine itself and she could have both the life that she wants with the people she loves. So I designed this very fitting print just for her. Each heart representing a place in Utah where she has either friends or family that love her deeply and want her to be happy no matter where her journey in life takes her.

Merry Christmas Michelle


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