The Sunset State - My First Print On Canvas Design!

5:00 AM

I am Oregon's biggest fan! My husband and I took our little family on vacation there two years ago and it has stayed in our hearts ever since. To this date it has been our favorite trip we have ever taken. So when I was trying to come up with a art piece for my illustrator class my thought kept taking me back to this wonderful seaside state. I was inspired by the style of this piece from another artwork I found on pintrest. 

I have really been into this kind of style lately, and can't seem to get enough of it! You can check out more of my graphic design inspirations here at pintrest. (totally obsessed)

Here is a look at the finished product before it went to print...

I was fortunate enough to get this printed on canvas thanks to Canvas4Life!
They offer custom canvas and an super easy uploading process where you get to see your custom canvas just the way it will look once its finished. 

I thought it was worth noting some of the free services that are included when you order your canvas from Canvas4Life. I've ordered from other canvas company's and have not seen this many free services included with the canvas print order. 

Canvas4Life is also offering all EMI readers this 10% off coupon code for you to use on your next order.
Couponcode for 10% off:  everydaymom10
Once you get to the checkout page of thier website, it will ask if there is any promo code available. Once entered, 10% off will automatically apply to your order.


I am so excited to get to see my work on print. It just encourages me to continue with my education and reach my goal of graduating as a bonafide graphic designer in 2013. I hope to be showing you guys more of my upcoming work in the future, and getting your thought on it. 


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