The power of womens purses united...

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I truly believe that every woman has at least one awesome and unique something-special in her purse that someone else would never think to carry along. My awesome-handy-something happens to be a really small pretty orange measuring tape that matches my purse. (you wouldn't believe how many times I end up needing that thing) And I have a really good friend that carries around a small salt shaker where ever she goes in case of a salt emergency. I also have another friend that wont leave her home without her disposable toothbrushes that have the toothpaste already on it and a tooth pick on the end. (she also carries extra in order to do her part in combating left over food particles and saving other unsuspecting victims from a similar fate.) So this leads me to wonder what would happen if the women of the world would combine their awesome purse power, unleasing the full potential of their awesome-handy-somethings. Just think about the awesome power of a woman's purse and its contents could have on crises throughout the world if you brought all those purses together... I think the saying "There's an App for that" would quickly turn into "There's a purse for that."

Here is another awesome-handy-something that I recently came across called The Slice. The first thing I thought was "how can such a simple little thing have so many features! This little gadget cuts coupons, great for scrapbooking, and cutting out newspaper articles. My favorite thing is not only does it have a whole for it to go on your key ring but its also magnetic! I must have left it in my pocket and did not realized it and I ended up accidentally washing it! My son found it the next day magnetized to the inside of the dryer door just waiting to be found. My son's all "Wow, mom look what I found stuck to the dryer!" I said "Hey I was looking for that" That was the moment I realized just how cool this little thing is. Even though I pretty sure the magnet was put in the Slice so that you could put it on the fridge not find it in the dryer. But hey! to each their own. Oh, and bonus:  the ceramic blade is finger friendly.

So here is to women and the contents of their purses, and may every woman find her very own awesome-handy-something. 

What is your awesome-handy-something?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. I keep a Swiss Army Knife in my handbag (unless I'm going to have to go on an airplane!) It's come in handy SO many times--scissors, tweezers, other tools that can be used in various ways. Maybe people would freak out less if I referred to it as a "multi-tool."

    I'll be interested to see what other readers carry around!

  2. Haha, I weirdly carry around a beer bottle opener in my purse. It's come in handy a few times when you're outside on a hot day and oops, you forgot to open your beer! haha!

  3. I carry dental floss, and a bottle of excedrin. But I'm sure others do, too.


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